Is Load Shedding and Excessive Electricity costs affecting your companies nett PROFITS?

The Benefit of having Solar in the Business is to reduce your daily power consumed by offering you a tailored solution.

Most office blocks or companies have a lot of available roof space, where Solar Panels can be situated to give you Solar Power. The Energy Giant will now be implementing a Price hike of 9.4% READ MORE HERE. The only consistency we have is that the Sun provides Free power, harnessing that energy will most certainly reduce your monthly electrical costs.

How do we go about sizing a suitable system for a business?

  • We will come to asses your site, check for suitable roof space and quality in terms of direction, shade, or other factors to consider.
  • Before we finalise the size of the system we will give you solutions to reduce your consumption first- this will help you save on your total requirement.
  • We will measure your Peak Usage to determine the size of your invertor system.
  • Once we have collected this information we will be able to discuss your needs and ensure they meet with your expectation of the system.

During 2015 an estimated loss to the Economy was said to be around 0.3% of the GDP according to Standard and Poor’s rating agency. With growing strain as Power plants are slow to come online, and other established plants with never ending problems, the likelihood 2016 will see a similar fate is high. Being ahead of this will ensure your business is open to trade when others are forced to close their doors or reduce productivity for Load shedding.

The Initial Capital Outlay of a Solar System can seem high, but when you take into account your return on Investment in a few years. Solar supplementing your usage will also reduce your Peak Loading and therefore keep you out of higher Peak kWh charges. We will ensure you get the Right Solar package for your Business, designed around your Specific needs

It is most certainly worth calculating the benefit Solar can have to your company and ensuring you a Worthwhile Return on your investment. Utilizing your roof space to bring down your Electricity costs using a Grid-tied system, or a hybrid system with Battery back up when Load shedding hits.