Optics RE


Optics RE

  • NEW – FLEXtime – Control when to use Grid, Renewable or Stored
  • NEW – Enhanced map view for Fleet Management
  • NEW – Aggregated Site Level Dashboards
  • NEW – Downloadable historical data
  • Full remote control of over 600 system device parameters
  • Monitor energy production use
  • Verify system performance and health
  • Simple insight into complex data via historical graphs
  • Receive email notifications and alerts


Product Description

Optics RE


Optics RE. What you see is what you get… and what you get is what you need!  The ability to see the electricity you produce and consume is a powerful advantage, get it with the first and only Full Control and monitoring platform from OutBack Power.


  • Maximize system performance and energy savings
  • Reduce the need for costly, on-site maintenance
  • Stay connected with your green lifestyle

Optics RE Summary Sheet