Hoppecke Aquagen


Hoppecke Aquagen

  • Reduced maintenance costs and ventilation requirements
  • Integral catalyst for greatly extended water refilling intervals
    (virtually maintenance-free)
  • Optimum recombination efficiency (similar to that of sealed
    valve regulated batteries)
  • Bi-directional valve reduces loss
    of gases and aerosols in consideration of HOPPECKE operating
  • Maximum safety – integrated flame arrestor
  • Minimum cost – single investment. No replacement needed
    during the battery lifetime

Product Description

When the aquagen recombination system is used, the hydrogen  and oxygen gases which evolve during water decomposition
are fed into the aquagen recombination system. By means of an integral catalyst, these gases are re-combined to form water vapor. This water vapour condenses on the sides
of the aquagen recombination system. The condensed drops of water flow downwards and are returned to the cell.
The efficiency of this recombination is up to 99%. Because of this level of efficiency, water refilling is drastically reduced to a level where total freedom from maintenance is possible.
Another benefit from the use of the aquagen recombination system is a considerable reduction in ventilation requirements according to EN 50272-2/DIN VDE 0510 Part 2 (European standards).

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