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  • SiteVasecor
  • CategoryCommercial Installation
  • LocationPetit, Benoni
  • System TypeOutback Hybrid system, with battery storage and back up
  • System Specification3kW Outback GVFX3048E, FM80 Charge Controller. PV array 2kW CIS170W Solar Frontier modules. Battery Storage: Hoppecke Solarbloc 105aH with 2 sets.

Vasecor is a subsidiarity of Elandias Trading built an office on their premises in Petit. In keeping with reducing electrical costs, a system was installed to allow the Office to run on Solar. This system runs on PV during the day and batteries during the night, using the Grid as a back up if there has been a long period of bad weather. The Battery Cages are fabricated to fit the space available and Custom built frames adjusted to the optimal pitch improving PV efficiency.

The Office was built facing North West, so in order to optimise the efficiency of the Solar Panels, they were built on a angled frame and at an angle to the roof- facing True North. This modification can be seen below in the mounting structure on the IBR roof.

 20151117_160600 20151117_114855




20151117_114631 20151117_114505