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Residential- Sandon Grid Tie and Back-up

Residential- Sandon Grid Tie and Back-up

  • SiteSandton
  • CategoryResidential
  • SystemGrid-Tie: Solar Edge and back-up Outback
  • System Specification10.2kWP Solar Edge (17kW) with 3x3kW Outback

Solar Edge 17kW 3 Phase Invertor with Solar Edge’s Optimizers.

10.2kWP Pv array.

This system has a Grid-tie system to supply their daily needs. The PV array is sufficient to supply 50% of their daily requirements ( normal usage).

This system is live on the Solar Edge monitoring platform. Peformance of the system is recorded for viewing and analysis. Because of the Optimizers connecting 2 Panels together in Series the system performance is bosted- read more about Solar Edge

During Installation: Frame Construction
After Installation
Solar Edge system is Online: