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Residential home in Pretoria East

Residential home in Pretoria East

  • SiteResidential Home in Pretoria East
  • CategoryResidential Installation
  • LocationPretoria
  • System typeOutback Grid Interactive Hybrid system, with battery storage and back up
  • System Specification6kW Outback with two GVFX 3048E 2x FM80 Charge Controllers 40 x 165/170w CIS Solar Frontier Panels 750aHBattery Storage: Hoppecke OPzS with Aquagen 2V Cells in 48V system Optics RE remote monitored and managed.

Customer runs most of their House off the Grid- and on Batteries over night. This System has been upgraded with additional panels to accommodate additional loads and reduce any dependency on the Grid.

Recently this system was upgraded with additional Solar Panels to increase the total incoming Solar during the day.

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