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Elandias Trading

Elandias Trading

  • SiteElandias Trading
  • CategoryCommercial Installation
  • LocationEdenvale
  • System TypeOutback Grid-Tie with Hoppecke battery Back up.
  • System SpecificationsTwo Outback GVFX3048E =6kW and two FM80 Charge Controllers. Battery Storage: Hoppecke Solarbloc 105ah Total 840ah = 420ah available battery power PV array: Solar Frontier CIS Modules 46x 170wSP= 7820w x5hrs= 39 100Wh per day

Elandias Trading  wanted to reduce their Electrical costs and therefore Solar was the next best option. After a process of reducing their consumption through more efficient lighting, a Hybrid Grid-Tied system with Battery Back-up was then installed. This allows Elandias Trading to continue running when the Grid Fails through battery support. As well as make use of the suns energy during the day to charge their batteries and allow the load at night to be supported by the batteries. Efficiently making this system an Off-Grid system with the Grid as back up only.

System is fully automated, and monitored Online via the free service, OPTICS RE. Both the Customer and Tegwaans Solar are able to monitor the system and make small adjustments to accommodate the Seasonal changes- to optimise the efficiency of the system at all times. This also allows for the system data to be maintained for reporting purposes and effectively calculate the savings made by self-generated power.

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