Solar Edge 17kW 3 Phase Invertor with Solar Edge’s Optimizers.

10.2kWP Pv array.

This system has a Grid-tie system to supply their daily needs. The PV array is sufficient to supply 50% of their daily requirements ( normal usage).

This system is live on the Solar Edge monitoring platform. Peformance of the system is recorded for viewing and analysis. Because of the Optimizers connecting 2 Panels together in Series the system performance is bosted- read more about Solar Edge

During Installation: Frame Construction
After Installation
Solar Edge system is Online:

Customer runs most of their House off the Grid- and on Batteries over night. This System has been upgraded with additional panels to accommodate additional loads and reduce any dependency on the Grid.

Recently this system was upgraded with additional Solar Panels to increase the total incoming Solar during the day.

20150213_101859Glenn 1


Glenn 4 Glenn 5

This system at a Doctors residence in Breyten is almost Grid Zero. Using the Grid when the weather has been unsuitable for solar for a period of time. This system has the capability to sell back any additionally produced electricity as it has Grid-Interactive GVFX3048E Invertors. This fully Hybrid system includes a 3kW Wind turbine which is used to increase the Battery Voltage both during the day and night as a supplement to the Solar System. Making use of an additional free source of energy.

Battery Cages fabricated to fit the space available. These Hopecke OPzS 2V Cells are complete with Aquagen Gas recombiners which aid in reducing the maintenance, and ventilation requirements. Maximum safety – integrated flame arrestor. Minimum cost – single investment. No replacement needed during the battery lifetime.

Solar Panels are mounted on a Custom built Solar Tracker and frame. This improves the amount of Solar incoming in a day as it tracks the Sun using a light receiver. This 3kW Wind Turbine supplements the power by charging the batteries faster allowing the PV to supply the Load. Using the element of wind is especially useful in windy towns such as Breyten.