Marataba is an exclusive trails lodge is situated in the Marakele National Park (Limpopo, South Africa). This remote and completely off grid Lodge relies entirely on Solar, battery and a gas generator for back up.

This is an automated system that will bring the Generator online for Supply should there be insufficient power available. There are a variety of settings that allow the Generator to start up, but also not start up for Quiet times, so as not to inconvenience guests out in the bush. The entire System is monitored remotely via Optics RE, and the Generator can be started at the click of a button remotely if required.

In this hot Climate, Outback power was the only choice for efficiency and derating. The robust System with internal cooling has most certainly stood the test in this Climate and is continuing to deliver power to the Lodge and its guests.

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This Installation is an upgrade of an existing system with a conversion to Outback Power on the Prestigious Garonga Safari, situated in the Greater Makalali Conservancy.
This Lodge is very conscious of their effect on the Earth and have Green Activities- such as Solar Power.
With Tegwaans Solar and Outback Power, Solar Power and the reduction of their electrical consumption are a reality. Also added is a Boiler Donkie which has a very high efficiency for heating in order to remove energy draining Geysers in the Staff Village.
This system is monitored remotely via
The Room in which the Outback equipment and batteries are housed is a Cold room which we fabricated on site in order to maintain a cooler temperature for the Batteries and Invertors.