Save money and Save the environment

here are some ideas

  • Even though you have heard this before.. But SWITCH OFF lights when you are not using them!
  • Consider changing your current light bulbs if you haven’t done already to more efficient Energy savers and LED this can save you up to 80% of your light usage
  • Water heating through a Geyser is an extremely expensive method- consider alternatives such as Gas heating or Solar collectors
  • If you are building a house choose materials that will help with Insulation- that way reduce your heating an cooling needs
  • Choose Energy efficient appliances and switch them off when not in use, this also means unplugging items that draw a small amount of power when in stand-by mode... what a waste!
  • Education is the key to getting your whole Family on board with energy saving- use an Energy meter such as an Efergy- walk through your house switching appliances and lights on and off- this way you can get an actual appreciation for the amount of electricity that your appliances etc use!

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