Load Shedding and high Electricity costs affecting your companies bottom line? Then you should consider Business Solar Installations.

The Benefit of having Solar in your business is to reduce your daily power consumption and therfore your expenses.

In Southern Africa alot of companies have some available roof space allowing for Business Solar Installations. Solar Panels can be installed on the roof's and car ports to harvest the suns energy. Because you can beat the energy giant- as they will likely be implementing a Price hike of 9.4% READ MORE HERE. Most importantly the sun provides us an oppertunity for free power daily.  Therefore you can harness the sun's energy and reduce your monthly electrical costs. The City of Johannesberg is also working on allowing the selling of excess power back to the grid through embedded generation. Not all Businesses have the capital to fund a Solar project. As a result finance houses have developed a variety of payment or buy-back options. Making finance available to businesses a reality. Please Contact us for more information on Funding a project. We have a variety of reputable companies to assit you.
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    Vasecor is a subsidiarity of Elandias Trading built an office on their premises in Petit. In keeping

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    Elandias Trading  wanted to reduce their Electrical costs and therefore Solar was the next best option. After a proce